Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today I learned about Geocaching... I believe this may be a start of new obsession... Geocaching is a "sport" where you use your GPS unit and put in the latitude and longitude coordinates which takes you to a general location. Then you hunt for "treasure" or the Cache. Once you find the cache you sign the log and if there is any treasures you can take something as long as you leave something. I read about it on a friend of a friend's blog and then I googled it and found this website. I started reading and signed up. I put in our address and found out there was a cache just 390 feet from our house! We couldn't find it on our first trip and went back later that night and took another look after reviewing the name (Pol-ish Cache) and found this!
Sneaky huh!? It was held up with magnets and had a log to sign your name. The color of the paint actually matched pretty good but the flash of the camera made it stand out when I snapped this picture.
Its amazing this whole world of geocaching has been going on for 10 years all around the world and we never knew anything about it! Our first find was placed on 09/09/07 and 157 people have found it... just 390 ft from our house!

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