Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of the rest of his life

Since Little Brian was on a waiting list he didn't get to start school on Monday, but started today instead. He is now officially a Kindergartener at Imagine Bell Canyon. I am SO excited for him. It is such a big step in his little life.

My brother took these pictures this morning (no crazy Aunt Amanda didn't show up on the first day of school to take pictures but I totally would have if they invited me!)
I love this picture of Jacob and little Brian... I thought the facial expressions would have been the opposite... There were no tears, but I guess Jacob did ask about little Brian all day. I am sure it will be harder on Jake than Little Brian.
Little Brian and Crystal
Trying out the playground equipment
lining up for class

Tonight we had them over for dinner and to play wii. Kenny made a delicious spaghetti dinner and my mom came over too.
This is apparently something they teach the kids called "hugs and bubbles"... it is what they do in line I guess so the kids don't touch each other. LOL The teacher said he did okay on his first day, but had some trouble following directions and keeping his hands to himself...

We went shopping at Wal-mart to get fullfill his back to school list and get him a few uniforms... Check out this list!

* 2 boxes of 8 count jumbo crayons
* 2 packages of #2 pencils
* 1 package of washable markers
* 1 pair of scissors (rounded tip)
* 2- 4 ox bottles of glue
* 8 glue sticks
* 1 eraser
* 1 folder, plain, orange plastic with 3 prongs (Label with child's full name on front)
* 1 package of index cards
* 2 bottles of hand sanitizer
* 2 boxes of Kleenex
* 1 roll of paper towels
* 2 boxes quart size Ziplock baggies
* 2 containers disinfecting wipes
* 1 package of dry erase markers
* 1 package of 50 napkins
* 1 oversized shirt to paint in
* 2 packages of construction paper
* 1 package of white cardstock
* 1 pack of sponges
* 2 containers of baby wipes
* 1 box of dixie cups
* 1 - 24 pack of dessert plates
* 1 extra uniform in a large Ziplock bag labeled with the child's first and last name (shirt, pants, socks and underwear)

I retyped it in the exact order it was on the list from the school... great organization huh? I cannot believe all the items they expect kids to bring to school!

Little Brian loves to check himself out in the mirror! Trying on clothes always takes extra long...
trying on some shoes
My mom helped SO much with the back to school shopping and bought all the clothes (we bought the supplies) and the boys were so excited. Here is Jacob hugging his grandma goodbye- they just adore her.

We couldn't find uniform tops at Wal-mart so Kenny volunteered to run around and look for some while we stayed home and played wii (we don't have a vehicle that will seat 7). Turns out he couldn't find any, but we will keep searching or order them from the school.

Good luck in School Brian!!

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  1. Wow. I wish the kids in my class brought that much stuff. They don't have to have spare uniforms either. They have a ton at the nurses office and it's a please bring them back kind of deal, but mostly they don't. Of course if someone abuses the use, they will eventually charge them for the clothes. Most kids have trouble keeping their hands to themselves, especially the first month or so. I'm sure he'll do great! :)