Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 Stars

Little Brian is having a little trouble adjusting to school... I can't image this sweet boy having trouble 'playing well with others.' He is SO outgoing, wants to be friends with everyone, sweet, caring and would NEVER hurt someone intentionally... BUT he doesn't understand he can't wrestle little kids like he does his daddy and Uncle Kenny. He didn't go to preschool and wasn't involved much in any formal day care or even Sunday school (except the handful of times we took him).

I am not sure how the color system works, but Brian is collecting a rainbow of them. Some days he brings home a color that is acceptable, but not a star which is the highest honor. Luckily, we think he is starting to understand what he needs to do because he brought home stars 3/5 days this week!
At the game Friday night I was talking with him about school and wanted to find out more about the color system... I asked him what he got if he didn't get a star what did he get instead. He replied, " A Spanking!"

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