Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Mechanic

This week has been totally, crazy busy trying to get everything ready for camping this weekend! Registering the quads, getting one emissions tested, tires checked, the S10 wired for the trailer lights etc etc etc.
During the midst of all that... the battery and alternator went out on the S10! Luckily Kenny realized the problem before it left me on the side of the road! He took the alternator out of the truck and headed up to Auto Zone to buy a new part. They ended up telling him his diagnosis was wrong and that the problem was a "grounded wire"(bear with me since I have no mechanical knowledge and am just retelling what was told to me!) After more investigation and several trips to Auto Zone, Checker and Napa over the span of 2 days he figured out they were wrong and it WAS the alternator per his original diagnosis. Kenny ended up getting a superior part from Napa and even haggled with them to offer the same pricing as Auto Zone! I am so thankful for all his Mr. Fix it knowledge and this new haggling skill he has developed (He saved my mom $200 on her AC repair recently too!).

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  1. Very nice. :) It is handy to have mechanical know-how in the family.