Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Campin'

Friday after Kenny arrived home from Vegas we quickly packed up and headed up north for our last camping trip of the season.We had a nice meal at Chilli's in Payson and took our time getting up the hill. We ended up staying parked at Sarah's cabin for the night since it was dark, late and cold by the time we got up there. 

What a difference a few weeks makes! There weren't many people around so we got our pick of spots. We camped off of 121 this time to switch it up a bit. 
Our Spot 

Awesome tree showing a peak at fall 

wild flowers 

Hope chasing bees... 
Hope trying to get comfortable in her chair : ) 

I let Kenny relax most of the morning... but then I couldn't stand it anymore.... I hunted all over the trailer until I found a back pack so we could head out on our hike; See how HAPPY he is about it? lol

We drove back down the hill toward Payson to try the Horton Creek trail. We had a hard time finding the trail head and ended up hiking an extra 1/2 mile out of the way...
Isn't this the cutest little guy? 

More wild flowers 
We saw tons of trees like this near the creek... I am not sure what they were (just spider webs?? or something more) but they were interesting to look at... Kenny wouldn't let me poke em'

While Kenny went back to get the truck, Hope and I hiked down near the water:

Finally we found the trail head!

another peak at Fall 

A cool flower ( its probably a weed, but I don't care) 

the trail 

Hope, Me and Kenny 

another trail shot 

more wild flowers 

a cool leaf 

On the way back to camp we stopped too look at the Aspen trees on the road to Young.

Hope was tuckered by the time we got back to camp!

Kenny getting ready to grill the steaks! 

We had a healthy dinner of steak and Velveta Mac & Cheese ! It was tasty and Hope enjoyed her fair share of steak without the other pups there to get in her way! We spent the evening playing Phase 10... Kenny won the series... boo! It was pretty chilly, but our heater did a great job keeping us warm!

The next morning we went back to the cabin to pick up the broken, blue quad (my Dad's trail blazer). I took a few pictures of beautiful things in Sarah's yard while Kenny did all the work.

We had a nice quiet weekend trip and now are working to clean up the trailer, get laundry done (while watching football) and then will run the trailer out to Buckeye and grab dinner at Cracker Barrel.

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