Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paintball Punks

Brian LOVES Paintball. Kenny likes paintball. I tolerate paintball... 

Since our Pogo pass includes a FREE monthly visit I decided to schedule the outing... not realizing it was the same time as the Cardinals came. oops. That put a damper on the afternoon. 

THEN there were these punk paintball kids who were not following the rules... as I have said before I barely like to paintball. I mostly just hide and wait for the round to be over... Well these kids would gang up on us (individually) and even when you were hit and lifted your gun they continued to shoot you... They didn't follow the game rules either. Thats just not fun.

I looked at Kenny in the game (it was much worse that this) and the entire left side of his face was COVERED in paint. No mercy. 

Brian got it bad too. He got shot across his collar bones... ouch!

The guys didn't say much, but I was livid. Why have rooms if the refs are not going to enforce them? I didn't play the last round. When we were walking out they asked if we had fun and I said No. He listened to our story and gave us some free passes to come back and said he would talk to the refs. I am sure we will give it another try... but I was still mad!

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