Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pancake Breakfast

I am on the Health & Wellness Committee at work with Jereme, Bev and Nadine and today we put on a Pancake Breakfast (I know not very healthy) to benefit the Susan G Komen quest for a Cure. 

The plan was Jereme was going to cook all the pancakes and the rest of us would just serve and make more batter etc..... unfortunately we popped a breaker right at 8:30 when a line had formed... 

We took the griddles to separate plugs and I had to decide... wait for Jereme to cook all the pancakes for that long line of people on one little griddle or jump in and give it a try.... It was actually so much fun!

A few people actually requested my pancakes!!

Here is a picture of some of my first pancakes EVER! 


Me and Nadine 
We raised over $123 this morning! Woot woot !

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