Friday, September 28, 2012

BAM- My week

This was a BUSY week!!

Monday: I went to boot camp, we worked and after work we had the Taylor's over for sloppy Joe's and mac & cheese -yummo. Then Kenny and I went to Spanish Class.

Tuesday: Kenny went to Vegas. I went to the office and after work did Hot Yoga. I had to pick up my new (refurbished replacement) phone at Sprint and grabbed a sandwich at Jersey Mikes. It wasn't as fun without Kenny. Then I went and picked up some of the bags my Aunt had made for people at my work.I made it home about 8PM, exhausted and went to bed as soon as I got the house chores done.

Wednesday: I got up at 4:30 and went to boot camp. When I came home and watered the garden I saw this: 

My very first sweet potato Flower
So I guess in 4 weeks I will have sweet potatoes! Can't wait! The purple flowers are just the icing on the already amazing cake... these vines are beautiful! I love them! I went to work and went out to lunch with my BFF, Beverly. We went to Victoria's Secret and I bought a ridiculous splurge... a fun jacket lines with warm, fuzzy fur and bling on the back.... Bev got one too. After work I ran by the nursery to see if they had any suggestions for my pumpkin vine and why my flowers are not getting pollinated. I bought a few flowers that bees really like... fingers crossed!

After the nursery I went for a hike at Thunderbird Park. I made it up in 19 mins 

On the way down I was trying to get to the bottom in 10 mins... I was probably 10 paces away from the trail head and BAM I was down. The dirt cloud floated around me and I quickly looked around to see if anyone say my clumsiness... I quickly stood up to wipe off my clothes and saw my hand. It stung. My hip was really hurting too... I sat in the parking lot and tried to clean my wound with some water but wasn't having luck. I ended up going to CVS and spending $14 on supplies to clean and cover it. I was 15 mins late to Spanish class on top of it! When I finally got home at 7:30 I ate a leftover sloppy joe.

Thursday morning I took these pictures in the garden: 
another beautiful pumpkin flower 

tomato sprouts 

broccoli sprouts 

Shelby, Toby and Hope 

My girls 
Bev and I got our toes done at lunch while eating Chipotle Salads --- you like extra cheese??

Kenny came home on Friday and I was SO glad to have him home!! Life is just better when he is here. 

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