Friday, September 21, 2012

Luke Bryan / Jason Aldean

20,000 tickets sold out in minutes. 

Kenny asked me to try to get the tickets and by some miracle I got them! 

The traffic was miserable. It took aver 45 minutes to get into the venue and into a parking spot (in a DARK, dirt lot). 

100+ degree weather


And somehow it was still pretty fun. 

The wanna be cowboys, fueled with alcohol made for an uncomfortable atmosphere... 
A cool lifted truck we saw (I think I probably could have walked under it without ducking) 

Me and Kenny 

Kenny and Barb 
Luke Bryan was my favorite of the two artist! He had a lot more personality in his 'show'. He did an 'out take' where he pretended he was going to sing a Justin Bieber Song... "If I was your boyfriend..." Ha ha
Later he did the Metallic song Sandman too which was pretty fun and actually good! I made a Luke Bryan station on my Pandora today : )

Luke Bryan 
Uggghh the PEOPLE 
 Jason Aldean was good too, I was just running on "E" by the time he came out at quarter to ten. Someone vomited a few seats down from us and a group of people were practically dry humping in front of us... oh and the air smelled like beer.... I sounds so whining huh? I really did have fun, its just not our type of venue anymore. I was happy we purchased real seats not the lawn seats. The tickets were about $75 each.... plus we spent $20 on water that night.... for a second it was like being in Hawaii again (just the second when we paid ha ha). I am not sure I will be back for another concert there. 
Jason Aldean 

When we came out we realized Kenny's car had be vandalized. It was very upsetting. An invasion of safety and privacy. It just made me feel icky.

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