Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arizona Museum of Natural History (and the rest of the weekend)

Friday night Kenny went out to Buckeye to help his mom out with her 'to do list'. While he was out there I spent the evening with the Taylors. We ordered Pizza and my mom and I put together a Scrapbook from a kit. It was a nice relaxing evening. 

Saturday my mom and I used the Pogo passes and took the boys to the Arizona Museum of Natural History out in Mesa. Well we drove out to Mesa, got my brother's cigarettes and then had a quick meal at good ol' Jack in the Box (so healthy I know) and then went to the Museum. 

As we approached the entrance the boys grew nervous about going inside where all the dinosaurs were... I am not sure why they are so afraid of things, but they sure were frightened to go in... didn't help that they had two massive displays in the lobby. Even my mom was full of wonder ; ) 

Jacob, my mom and Little Brian 
Little Brian saw my taking the picture can you tell? 

Both boys LOVED these giant puzzles on the light boxes:

Jacob and Little Brian were scared to go into the next room... 

Jacob was terrified and holding on to me so tight!! 

Once they started to realized nothing was alive in the museum they started to warm up and enjoy the exhibits a little more.

They boys played in the activity center for a while
Little Brian 


Outside the museum 

Some how my mom and I were able to hit a couple stores before we headed back to our side of the world. The boys were so good as usual and waited for us.

While we were out playing the Kenny and my brother were off golfing. They ended up having time to go to a movie and lunch too.

Sunday I went to my Aunt's house to sew and spend time with her. We made schlep bags (one more Christmas gift done!)... then I caught the sewing bug and came home and sewed all evening! I made several more Christmas gifts that night.

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