Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation Day 4- Sunday

Wake up time 4:45 AM 

We boarded the Dolphin and left just after 6:30 AM on that chilly overcast morning. 

I loved watching the sea lions while the deck hands loaded the bait tanks with Anchovies and sardines. 

R R R R R R R 

My camera was low on battery and I wanted to save it for when we caught the big fish, but I SO wish I had a picture of my brother baiting his hook. This was his first time out fishing EVER and he isn't much for this type of thing. He was very squeamish about putting the hook thru the LIVE bait's face... He would grab his bate and try to bring it to his hook and many times the fish would jump from his grasp and flop around on the deck... grossing him out even more. I was laughing hysterically at him, but the first time I went deep sea fishing I was just like him!! He decided to use the precut pieces of dead squid to fish with instead : ) That is how he caught the first fish of the day (from our group)!! He wanted the deck hand to hold the fish for him so he wouldn't have to put his fingers in the fish mouth lol !
Brian and his fish! 
A while later caught a HUGE... Pelican! Seriously the stupid bird ate his bate and the deck hand had to bring it on board to get the hook out! I caught one later too, but my picture is not as cool as Kenny's. I felt bad for the birds, but they wouldn't leave us alone! You had to sink your bait super quick so they couldn't get it! We also had to fight the sea lions from eating our bait as the quickly swam inches from the surface after our bait!

I caught some seaweed... I supposed I could have brought that in since it is edible!
Kenny caught a fish, but through it back. We aren't really fish eaters and they said this type doesn't really taste well anyway. 
Brian was the only one who kept his fish and brought it back to AZ for my dad to try. My mom cooked it for him and he really enjoyed it. : ) Most expensive fish ever! $71 ! Ha ha better than the nothing we brought back.

Most of the time we were fishing our poor cousin was sea sick and resting on the deck. We all took motion sickness medicine, Bonine, that morning but the guys only took one... I guess it wasn't enough for him. Luckily about 1/2 through the trip he got to feeling better and was able to fish for a while.

When they changes us from bottom fishing to surface we all sort of lost interested since we weren't very good at casting out.
Brian, Kenny, me and Little Kenny 
Brian and Kenny doing their Titanic "I am flying Jack" impression

Little Kenny and I had a lot of fun hand feeding the seagulls with the leftover bait at the front of the boat.

Little Kenny


The birds, the birds 

After Deep Sea fishing for 5 1/2 hours we were all exhausted... trouble was we had half our party waiting at the hotel for us to go to the beach. We ate lunch at Chipotle and tried not to fall asleep in our burritos. As much as we wanted to take a rest we new it would cut out too much of our day so we we all went to the beach. We ended up parking on a lot belonging to of our insured's that I underwrote.

Jacob love the plumbers crack 

I was surprised how much Little Brian and my mom enjoyed playing on the beach. It was so cute to watch
Little Brian and my mom playing with the pencil water guns 

Jacob was more of a beach bum... we we buried him!

Kenny took Jacob out to the water to wash off the sand (see his bum?)

My brother and my mom took Jacob into the COLD  water! He screamed at them, "No! No!" and when they wouldn't listen he screamed, "Somebody help me, please help me!" Poor kids was terrified to go into the ocean!

Little Kenny, Brian, Jacob and my mom 
Later we did some more burring... first Kenny, then Brian followed by Little Kenny and me:

Brian, Little Kenny, Little Brian and Kenny coming out of the sand 


Little Kenny 


Seriously don't get buried in the sand... it was actually kind of hard to get out and I had sand everywhere!! 

After our afternoon at the beach we all showered and got into fresh clothes and headed to Hooters for dinner. While our waitress was taking our food orders I somehow split my entire ice filled Dr. Pepper ALL OVER my poor mom! She didn't say anything at first I think she was in shock! I felt so bad! 

We celebrated Kenny's birthday that night and had the girls sign happy birthday and sign his new Hooters shirt!

After dinner we met up with our other cousin Jason and his girlfriend Hana. We had ice cream at Cold Stone and spent about an hour chatting with them. We were seriously all SO sleepy and Jason and Hana were leaving on a big trip to San Francisco the next day so we called it a night before we really wanted to.
Hana, Jason Me and Little Brian, Kenny, Little Kenny and Jacob, My mom and Brian 

My mom, Jason and Hana 

Brian, Jason and Little Kenny

Me, Brian, Jason and Little Kenny 

Although we were dead tired we had planned a little celebration for Little Kenny's birthday. We bailed on blowing up the balloons and decorating the room, but decided we still needed to empty the 11 cans of silly string from our luggage..... Its a birthday tradition. I can speak from experience... its not really for the birthday person... its fun for everyone else. 

And then.... we went to bed!!

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