Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pottery Wheel Class

Tonight we pigged out at Joey's of Chicago on cheese fries and Chicago style hot dogs and sandwiches with our friend Beverly and Lloyd.

After dinner we cashed in a double date designed groupon for desert dragon pottery. The four of us enjoyed one hour of playing in clay and getting pretty messy!! We each got to make two items... I say items because mine weren't really identifiable as a bowl or vase so lets just call them 'items' lol

Lloyd and Beverly 

This was my first piece... it was beautiful until whammmm! Okay I am not exactly sure how this happened, but its still neat-o

Kenny's creation!

My second creation was more of a flop than the first one... hard to believe I know! It actually collapsed and I had to start over. The instructor helped me make this beautiful bowl!! I am excited to go back and paint our stuff in 3 weeks!

I really enjoyed the instructor of this class, however my prior class was more hands one since it was a one on one class. One student in this class accidentally let his piece fly off the wheel...twice! The second time it knocked over the bucket of water and splashed all over the floor! The instructor didn't even flinch! He said, don't worry as you can see from the floor that has happened many times before! As we were finishing up he said just take your bucket of water and dump it in the big bucket.... I mumbled, "Or just toss is on the floor" He heard me and laughed and said, "No someone already did that" 

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