Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden Update Weeks 12 & 13

Last week I harvested my one and only corn cob! I learned that you need to plant in at least 2 rows or a square so that the tassels can pollinate the corn silks... opps live and learn right? (or do more research before planting!). We were lucky enough to get this one! 

 I kind of love how the cantaloupe vines are taking over the garden, and wrapping themselves all over! Its cute.

Cucumber vine that was hiding by the onion pot. I saw it, but I just left it thinking it probably would die.

The Garden Week 12 ( I pulled all the corn out since it was evident it would not produce any more cob!)

On Monday of week 13 I planted sweet potatoes! I ordered bare root plants online and am going to give it a try.

I harvested bunches and bunches of green onions for my work buddies and family. Kenny even made us a really great dinner with sausage, potatoes and added the green onions to it.

I have a few watermelon buds: 
  And at least one cantaloupe!
 The cucumber vine:

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