Sunday, June 3, 2012


Our first camping trip of the season and we were loaded down!! Trailer, canoe, 1 quad, 3 adults, 2 little boys and a dog! 

Jacob and Hopie on the way up! 
Little Brian

Since Kenny was in Vegas all week we ended up leaving on Saturday morning instead of Friday night which put us up in Forest Lakes around lunch time. While the guys were setting up I made sandwiches and then we headed to the lake to take the canoe out on the water for the first time ever! Kenny and Brian went out on the water first to make sure the boat was water worthy and it was!
Kenny and Brian 


Next the guys took the boys out for their first boat ride!

Jacob was so cute he said, "Brian come look at the dragonfly!" I love to see them explore and see things new things!

Jacob testing out his new life vest in the freezing cold water
Hope was very upset and didn't like it when Kenny and I were separated (one on the boat the other on land)  so we took her out with us... she was very excited and would shift from side to side rocking the boat. I was sure she was going to dump us out, but we made it back safe and sound! 
Me, Kenny and Hope took a ride

Me and Little Brian 

Jacob trying to warm up

Me, Jacob and Brian 
After a full afternoon of  playing in the water and paddling across the lake we were all exhausted and headed back to camp.

The boys played baseball, golfed and explored the woods (very close to camp!).
Little Brian, Jacob and Me 
Hopie running around camp 

At our campsite there was mysterious blob hanging from a tree... so we of course had to see what it was... then men started with throwing rocks, sticks etc and moved on to horse shoes... smart I know.
Brian throwing a horseshoe into the air

They finally got it down... it was a ball of sting!

It was hilarious to here their expressions once they got it down... Brian said, "Who would do something like that lol" It was pretty comical and gave us something to do for about an hour!
Kenny, Brian and the boys

My friend Donna told me about the Mentos/Pepsi experiment... Here is the video we made (sorry it is sideways!)

Little Brian drank the other half of Pepsi that was left!

Little Brian 


When we bough the trailer I dreamed one day our kids would fill the bunks in the back... this weekend the boys filled them up and it just made me so happy. They loved sleeping there (yes they are playing video games before bed)

We left pretty early in the morning... kind of a quick trip and I wish we stayed longer, but we were all pretty tired and had lots to do at home. While we were packing up my brother was reeling up the stabilizers and the  tool came loose and whacked him in the face! The boys were SO concerned about there dad (you know face injuries bleed a lot!) Good thing he had his sunglasses on to protect his eye!!

Jacob and Hope on the way home! 

I just love being able to camp with my brother and his boys!! I am thankful we are able to leave our trailer and stuff at Sarah's house in Forest Lakes too!! Can't wait for a summer full of camping!

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