Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bounching off the Walls !

I made a deal with Jacob. If he could go 5 days without crying/whining we would all go to Jump Street as a reward (don't tell him, but I wanted to take them there anyway!). It took 3 weeks and he finally made it 5 days without being whiny or crying over something dumb.... SO we went! 

The boys were oh so excited! So was I, its a fun place. 

 We all tried the foam pit: 

Brian jumpin' in 
Jacob swimming in the foam 
Oh and the obstable course was pretty fun too! We raced each other... Jacob was pretty speedy and beat Little Brian, Big Brian beat Kenny and I ...umm beat Little Brian too... Little Brian and Jacob raced again and Little Brian won... we later found out that Uncle Kenny reached over the edge and held Jacob back (he was a little weepy about that but didn't cry!)

Jacob about to win his race! (Very serious face!) 

Me coming out of the 'squeeze' 
Little Brian flying out of the squeeze - I told him , 'you got this hurry!" He was so excited to win
Little Brian just exhausted after his race : ) 
Oh how my brother loves dodge ball... he got all of us in there to place except Jacob. He loved it.

And there is just the regular jumping on the giant trampolines. So much EXHAUSTING FUN!
Little Brian 
Brian - Ha ha that is just so awesome! 

Kenny, Jacob, Little Brian, Brian 

Me and Kenny 

He all had a nice morning and enjoyed lunch at Taco Bell afterwards. 

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