Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day turned out pretty much perfect this year. My mom had told me that dad didn't want to celebrate... so we were just going to leave it at that. We celebrated his birthday with a lunch the day before. 

The dogs got Kenny a brand new golf bag (since his had a gaping hole in the side of it) for Father's Day this year. He was very surprised! ; ) 

On Father's Day morning we took over the master piece the boys created for their dad. They were SO excited to give it to him. He played right a long, like a good dad should, and ooowwwed and ahhhhed over everything they did. He wasn't sure what Taco B was (see top left corner)... that was Jacob, but he ran out of room and put the B above. lol 

Brian, Little Brian and Jacob

The crazy guys decided to go golfing in the 110 degree weather and had a great time. This was the first time Brian, Dad and Kenny had all got a chance to golf together and you can bet there were a lot of laughs. Kenny said Brian is really improving and out drove him several times. They smoked cigars to celebrate the occasion. 

That night we went to my parents house and Brian made steaks. It was really was a nice, no stress day and I think the dad's and uncles felt loved! 

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