Monday, June 25, 2012

CA Vacation Day 5- the last day

We spent our last morning in sunny California on the beach taking pictures : )

My family wasn't really into it, but I pushed for more and more pictures and I think they like what we got out of it... 
Brian and Little Kenny 

All of us!! 

Jacob, Brian and Little Brian 

Our family 

Brian, Mom and Kenny 

Me and my Mom 

Me, My goofy brother and my mom 

Little Brian, My mom and the boys- they just adore their grandma! 

After we were done taking pictures (okay after I was done... everyone else was done a good 1/2 hour before me) we walked the beach, did some shopping and they guys rode the coaster:

On the ride home we had Little Brian and my mom most of the way. It was SO cute to listen to them talk. They played cards, looked at the pictures from vacation and just chatted. My mom was so sweet with him. He just talked and talked about all his ideas and thoughts. 

Little Kenny wanted to make sure and see my dad this time since he missed him on his last trip. They visited briefly then we were on the go again and headed off to jump street.
Little Kenny and my dad 

I will be honest I was totally exhausted and didn't want to go to jump street, but Brian really wanted to go so they could play dodge ball together and Little Kenny was leaving in the morning. We closed the place down! (ha ha they close at 9PM). 

Little Kenny was doing flips and tricks! We were way impressed!

He encouraged us and taught us how to do flips again! 


Brian and I doing a flip! 

Brian, Me and Little Kenny flipping! 

It was the most perfect ending to our trip. It was such a FULL, FUN vacation, but I am totally exhausted!! I so don't want the time with the family all together to be over!

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  1. I love the family photos they are so awesome! That looks like a fun and exhausting trip! :)