Saturday, June 9, 2012

Apron Envy

I am spoiled... I saw this on FB and decided I needed to make it... its trendy... and hello its an Apron! 

When I told Kenny about it he said, "That sounds like a waste of time" I stared at him shocked... he never says no when I want to do things... I asked why and he said, "Well you already have 15 Aprons and you don't cook."  Funny guy huh?

I got to class 30 mins early to get my supplies and everyone was already there working! I was a little stressed they had already started so I hurried out to pick my fabrics... another stressor... I am really terrible at choosing fabrics. It took me 45 minutes and I ended up with these Halloween fabrics/colors. 

There was absolutely no instruction given by the teachers... I started to pick through the pattern in frustration. I really hate reading patterns, which is why I PAY for and take classes... Finally the teacher said, "Oh did you need help?" I rudely snapped back, "Yes, that is why I am taking a class" (I don't know why I am such a snot sometimes)

She helped me with the first steps and then after each step I had to ask for instruction... There were several times they told me to do one thing and it turned out to be incorrect. SO frustrating! 

SO I made this terrible Apron and spent $57 on it. ($20 for the class fee and $37 in supplies) 

I finished just before 10 PM and was the ONLY one to finish. That is totally ridiculous. Ugh. 

Kenny said it was missing something when I showed it to him.... I said, "What?" and he said, "It needs a soup stain right here and some chicken cheese spaghetti here" Lol I will have to work on that! I usually don't actually use my Aprons... just sort of collect them. But I might use this one!

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  1. That apron...oh my. I like the ruffled bodice ;)