Friday, June 22, 2012

DAY 2- Universal Studios

I haven't been to Universal Studios since I was a kid and I really don't remember it being all that exciting. My mom and brother wanted to go and so of course we were all game. 

Here is my mom and Little Brian as we entered the park area: 

This was a shop that just looked cool:

All of us in front of the Universal Studios sign-

Little Kenny entering the park on the red carpet 
Kenny's friend noticed a great deal for Universal Studios and Sea World for $125 for adults and $115 for kids! That is a great deal since both parks charge admission around $80!

Our first celebrity siting was Frankenstein!
Jacob, Little Kenny, Little Brian, FRANKENSTEIN and Brian 
Frankenstein took a liking to Little Brian and wanted to take him home with him! Hilarious!

Kenny, Little Kenny holding Jacob, Brian and Little Brian in front of the mystery machine
Brian and Kenny being with Jacob... it was shocking the responses they got... Like, "oh how sweet " and "Cute" 

The view of the bottom part of the park:

More of this...

Little Brian was SO excited when he saw the Transformers Building that houses the newest ride at Universal Studios:

They were beyond ecstatic to meet Optimus Prime, but when Jacob saw Bumble Bee I thought his eyes might pop out of his head!

When Bumble was approaching his picture taking booth, my mom sorta of just stared at him in shock. It was funny to the rest of us, but she said she thought he was going to step on her and was genuinely scared. He waived to her : )

Next we waiting in line to ride the Transformer ride. The boys have been looking forward to this ride for months... pretty much since we decided we were going to take them to Universal they have been talking about it. The building you wait in line in was decked out with transformer stuff every where... it was called the nest.
Little Kenny and Jacob

Jacob, Little Kenny and Little Brian by the Allspark 

The ride was pretty amazing and wasn't one of those rides that shakes your brains around! Jacob and Little Brian LOVED it! Jacob came up to me afterward, with wide eyes and said, "Bumblebee catch us!" Priceless!

Next we journeyed into Jurassic Park...

The ride was amazing and the coaster picture of the boys was priceless!! The boys faces are hilarious. Little Brian was pretty upset when the ride was over, but Jacob insisted he wasn't scared at all... his face tells another story!

This picture was taken in the gift shop. The T-rex above the boys is pretty much what they saw attacking us right before the coaster fell... Little Brian was still scared!

We stopped and got a snack... my brother and Kenny cuddled... I am not sure why its funny... but it is

We went to ride the Mummy Ride, but the boys totally freaked out when we had to wait in a pitch black room... they are not fans of mummies, zombies or anything like that. I picked up Jacob and he was crying and so I took the 2 little boys out and we waited while everyone else rode the ride. I was wondering how my mom would do because she isn't much on rides... she came out grinning ear to ear and told me we had to go again! So Brian took the boys and the rest of us went again. It was a GREAT ride!! I loved my mom's enthusiasm and excitement for the rides. She isn't usually one to try the adventure things, so it took me by surprise. I loved it!

We went to the top and decided to ride the Simpson's ride.... It was a lot of build up and they sure paid a lot of attention to detail making this 'ride' and the waiting area for the ride.

This is only ride that really made me feel sick... not a big fan of spinning.

Although, they don't have the Back to Future(Kenny's absolute favorite) area at this park anymore there are still remnants left behind... like Doc Brown's restaurant:

AND Doc Brown himself!!

We waited in line for a long while for the tram ride... our feet were hurting and we were all ready to sit for a bit!
This was on a sign in the waiting area for the tram

The Tram ride was my favorite part of the day (I think... I have so many favorites!) This is the New York City Back Lot area... they were actually filming near here on the day we toured!

Oh and how can you go to Universal Studios without experiencing King Kong... the original area burned down a few years ago so they rebuild and made it a 3D show...

We also saw cars, cars and more cars including the Delorean from Back to the Future!

And a flying car from Back to the Future:

We all loved the Fast and Furious stop... flames, gun shots and dancing cars! Awesome!

Here is a picture of Kenny enjoying the tour:

A Flash Flood

The Bates Hotel... escorting a guest to their car... 

I forgot what movie this was from, but it was really neat to see this 'plane crash' set

I love the boys expressions in this picture... we were in the mummy tunnel with spinning walls! ha ha

Oh NO cousin Kenny got eaten by a shark! 

Kenny being silly at the Lorax photo booth:

Me, the boys and the Lorax!

Little Brian and Jacob meet Sponge Bob

Fiona, Little Brian, Jacob and Shrek! 

Marilyn Monroe

The boys meet the Donkey (he made comments about their lack of hair...) 

Little Kenny hard at work in New York City

Kenny, Jacob and Little Brian meet Scooby Doo

Beetle Juice 

Me on set with Lucy!! I love Lucy! 

Jacob with his giant T-rex he chose as his souvenir

We decided to go to Olive Garden for a big dinner since we hadn't eaten much but junk food all day. The meal was good, but I found remnants of blue crayon in my fettuccine Alfredo... They ended up giving me my meal for free and $20 to each of the paying parties in the group. That worked out good, but I left feeling hungry... boo

While we were at the restaurant my cousin Kenny tagged us all including my Uncle Rick on FB... We were only a few miles from my Uncles house and he insisted we come by for a visit. I have nothing against him, but I knew he only wanted to visit with my cousin Kenny....
Jacob, Kenny and Brian waiting... 

We made the most of it and played with the boys... wrestling and trying different yoga moves. Little Brian let his dad do 'his move' on him... kept laughing historically and wanted him to do it again! We asked Chris if that brought back any memories for him since my brother used to wrestle him and Jason all the time, but he didn't remember...

Little Kenny and Aunt Mei-Lan

Mom, Me and Aunt Mei-lan

Uncle Rick and Little Kenny 

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