Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party

Its a little bizarre how popular these Ugly Sweater Parties have become... When Blair sent out the invitation I was super excited and immediately began looking.... and looking and looking for one of those classic 80s UGLY SWEATERS and after the 5th thrift store gave up and decided I would just have to make them. Kenny and I bought a bag of silly Christmas decorations and pinned them to our sweaters (My brother followed suit and used items off their Christmas tree and a TABLE RUNNER OF my moms!) I think they came out awesome and they sure are ugly!!

Me and Blair 

Kenny and I 
Kenny, Me and My Brother 

The party was fun as usual, just laid back chit chat. Someone brought a fire pit (which is where I camped out most of the night because I am such a pyro! ) We burned Blair's huge mound of tumble weeds... an underwriter's nightmare!! 12 foot flames grazing the eves of the house and stray ashes floating about the yard... yikes!! It sure was fun to watch though!!

The white Elephant exchange is always one of my favorite activities at Christmas time... its light hearted, you don't have to worry about getting the right item or the best item... and there is always lots of laughter. I had my item stolen (by BLAIR!)  and ended up with a present we brought ! Kenny and Brian both ended up with cool items.

This is the crazy thing I brought : ) 

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