Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights

My mom wanted to go Elfing. I wanted to go to a craft show and my brother and Kenny wanted to go to Game Stop to exchange some games.... So we all (Brian,Kenny, my mom, the boys and I) piled into the car and mashed it all into one big night and had a blast!! 

We started out at the craft show because it closed the earliest. My childhood friend, Christina had a booth and since she lives on the East side I hardly ever have opportunities to meet up with her which is why I wanted to check out the sale. The other vendors were kind of lame, but they did have numerous tables set up with FREE holiday crafts for kids! Even though we were crunched for time we let the boys pick out one item to make - which they loved of course. It was also nice to chat with Christina even though it was brief and check out her business. 

Next we went Elfing... similar to booing, but for Christmas. My mom choose to Elf our friends Stargret and Jackie. The boys love the rush of ding dong ditching (Jacob more than Little Brian) and it is always a ton of fun to jump back in the car and try to take off undetected. 

While we were in the residential areas we took time to stroll down the streets and look at Christmas lights. Jacob is Mr. Christmas and loves practically anything having to do with Christmas... it was so cute to watch and listen to him oooww and ahhh over the displays. 

Kenny let Little Brian 'drive' a little bit on the residential streets... basically he was on Kenny's lap, but of course Kenny still had full control of the vehicle, gas petals etc. Little B was thrilled, but also nervous. Not knowing the huge difference between a video games and an actual vehicle Little B kept over turning, so Kenny let him get up on the curb before correcting him. My brother and mom were joking with him saying, "Come on get off the curb, lets go" And Little B not knowing what to do just said he didn't know how and asked Kenny to help him. It was so cute. When he was back in his seat and clamoring on and on about his experience he said, " Did you see me; I am a terrible driver!" as he grabbed his head, but still with a smile on his face. My brother was pretty funny during the whole experience too, holding on to the "Oh Shit" handle for dear life. We had a lot of laughs tonight!!

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