Sunday, December 4, 2011

B's b-day

We started the day with a fun little scavenger hunt that would lead to his gift.

We started at the house with a basketball (first hint to go to the basketball courts):

Second hint hidden inside the balloons were the numbers 4 4 2--- not particularly in the right order which lead us to my parents old house.

Jacob popped the balloons 
 3rd clue- A bottle of shower gel. Brian wasn't sure about that one so Kenny light- heartedly said, "Then lets go put it away."

In the shower Brian his final clue- a dart from the kids guns.

In outside toy crate where all the guns are kept Brian found his gift.

A certificate for an activity of his choice:

*Lazer Tag with his boys and us
* Paintballing with us
* Skydiving with ME!

The caveat on the skydiving was he had to wait until March... for a few reasons, mostly $, but also it would be nicer weather etc.

 He was such a good sport with the whole scavenger hunt and seemed to enjoy it (I KNOW the boys enjoyed it!)

Kenny, Brian and the boys drove out to reservation to get cigarettes while I did some much needed chores at home. Then my parents picked me up and we all met up for lunch at Hooters... I wasn't thrilled about the choice either, but really the food is very good and you can see more skin walking down the street these days (its everywhere, TV, magazines etc)

We ordered so much fired deliciousness we couldn't finish it all- fried pickles, hot wings, french fries, french fries smothered in cheese, etc

After the meal the girls came over to sing Happy Birthday to my brother... I wasn't sure what to expect, but what we got was PRICELESS!!

We laughed so hard! The boys were just too cute.

After lunch we headed back to our house for the guys to watch football and play video games while my mom and I crafted.

It was such a great day. 32. Nothing spectacular about the number, but this is an extra special birthday for my brother (and for us to celebrate with him). His first sober birthday in more years than we would like to count. I am SO proud of him and how hard he is working- this is the real deal and I am so thankful to have my brother back.

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