Sunday, December 4, 2011

Muffin Tins

Are you sick of seeing the muffin tins yet? This is my 3rd post about them...

I did a silly thing- I decided to take orders for these fabulous Muffin Tin countdowns and try to make a little extra Christmas cash... I only got ONE order.

My mom came over on Sunday afternoon and we both worked on projects... Without a preplanned kit I quickly realized that I had taken on project that was a lot more time consuming than I had planned... instead of 2 hours it took me about 6 to make the tins... I made 3 just because I had purchased 3 tins and it is almost as easy to make one of something as it is to make a few.

My mom and I had to run to Joann's in the middle of the project and where I spend $7... this bringing my total cost for supplies to $22.... I was only charging $25 and since I didn't have orders for the other 2 tins I was basically making 50 cents an hour for a total profit of $3. Yikes. I did end up selling a second one, but boy was all that really worth $28? I think I will stick to making things as gifts...

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