Thursday, December 29, 2011

Date Night 12/29

Have you ever had an some great plan, but nothing, not one part of the plan worked out? Well that is how tonight went..

The plan was to go to Old Town Scottsdale and try out their outdoor ice-skating rink made from plastic and then go to the Rusty Spur for some delicious Burgers.

Old Scottsdale is a good hour drive from our house and with evening traffic... a little longer- so we were happy to get out of the car and eager for some 'plastic skating'. After walking around several blocks of the area where the rink was supposed to be we finally  submitted and decided that it had been closed up early, despite the website indicating it ran thru 12/31. Drat.

We walked through the beautifully lite streets checking out the shops still adorned with Christmas decorations. Most places were closed, but the area is still very neat to walk around. We headed over to the Rusty Spur and took the last empty table in the place. As we sat and listened to the live music in the tiny old bank building now a bar and grill, we noticed no one had food. Turns out they don't serve food in the evenings... Weird. Strike two.

The night was still young, but with Vampire Diaries and Castleville calling my name I would have been content to grab some fast food and head home. Kenny still wanted to save the night and we ended up going to a 50's themed diner down the street. It was cute and the food was decent and cheap. After we ate Kenny took me over to the famous Sugar bowl for a Top Hat Sundae and he had a shake.

It turned out to be a pretty nice night even though nothing went as planned.

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