Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lets get this Christmas started!

Christmas came early this year as we celebrated a little early with Barb and Sarah. It sure smelled like Christmas when we walked in! 

Oscar just couldn't wait another second so we opened presents before dinner- 
Oscar opening his present 
Felix opening up his gift

The boys hiding behind the chairs to play with their toys 

 Sarah opening her "Kuhpon" which is good for getting her Kenny -do list done in 2012 

Kenny and his 4.5 lb bag of Boston Baked Beans- He was in Heaven! 

Barb with all her goodies !

Barb, Sarah, Kenny and I with all our goodies 
 We ate a nice Turkey Dinner with all the fixins that was cooked to perfection. Yum yum!

After dinner Kenny and I worked on our Gingerbread Houses while Sarah Supervised and Barb took pictures.

Kenny's House 

Kenny's House 

My House 
We had a really nice, laid back celebration over at the Meyer House this year and just enjoyed each others company - the way Christmas should be!

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