Saturday, November 6, 2010

What a day!

Kenny and I helped Barb and Sarah out with a yard sale. We of course brought our own stuff and ended up selling a whooping $26 worth of stuff! Barb and Sarah did a lot better which made the day worth while. Kenny went and grabbed us some breakfast burritos which we all enjoyed. Barb has a great bunch of neighbors and nearly all of them came by to say hi, which made the day breeze by. We also brought the tortoises out to enjoy Barb's nice pasture grass since we use pesticides and can't take them outside anymore. I thought it was funny how hesitant Barb was to hold them, but she did it anyway ; ) 
When we were wrapping up the sale Barb's neighbor, Tamera told us to come by if we wanted some cards.... See she works for Hallmark and had cards she had to destroy, which she was going to do in her bon fire THAT night! She let Sarah and I pick through and I walked away with enough b-day cards to last me 2 years! I also picked up some baby thank yous for my 3 friends that are expecting and a bunch of cards for my grandma to give out.  I added up the retail value of all the items she gave me... excluding tax... the total was $960!! I would say that made up for my poor sales at the yardsale! Barb made us hot wings for lunch and then Kenny and I headed home.

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