Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 2 – At Sea- and we ate and we ate and we ate

Wow what a night! It felt like we were sleeping in the wave pool, the ship was rocking so much! I woke up about 10-15 times during the night and was sea sick when I woke up for the day. We tried to get some fresh air in one of the open decks and eat breakfast, but I just couldn't do it. I ended up going back to the room and taking a nap. While I was sleeping Kenny, Barb and Sarah went exploring and checked out some of the shops on board. Kenny came back to check on me and woke me up. Luckily I was finally feeling better by then and we took off to go play some Bingo since we had a free ticket from the scavenger hunt. We didn't end up winning anything, but it’s always fun to play and to be honest I was just happy I felt good enough to leave the room!

Next we decided it was time for lunch. I tried some stir fry (which was really good) and everyone else got the buffet. After lunch everyone was tired so they went to rest. Since I had rested ALL morning I went to a craft class and made this silly flip flop frame. I just LOVE all the activities they have planned all day!

We all met back up and went for a Chocolate sipping sampling at the Confectionery Shop on board. It wasn’t great, but then we attacked some of these FREE desserts instead! 
They had the Piazza decorated for Thanksgiving- 

After our afternoon dessert it was time for a little exercise on the sports deck. Kenny and I played a little game of checkers (yes those are chess pieces but we don’t know how to play Chess)…
 He won! (and was very humble about it by the way)
It was so nice out on the top deck ! This is the view toward the back of the ship. 
We got to be on the Princess Pyramid Game Show next! The game was set up like the game show on TV or like the game Taboo. Kenny was our spokesman and gave us clues while the rest of us guessed. Kenny did a great job up on stage! Although we dominated most of the game we didn't end up winning. 
For dinner we went to the formal dinning room. Kenny looked awesome, but I was worried the rest of us wouldn’t get in because we weren’t wearing dresses… luckily they let us in anyway. 

We ended being seated with 3 other couples at a large table. I am not a fan of this group seating and would have much preferred to eat our Thanksgiving feast with just the four of us. We were all pretty disappointed in the food too… our Thanksgiving Feast with all the trimmings did not include good ol’ mashed potatoes or corn… The turkey was okay, but they put a sweet, rich sauce on it so I barely ate any of it.  The dessert was pretty though- 

Kenny was the entertainment of the table! He surprises me sometimes since he always says he is so shy, but seems to really dazzle people and make everyone laugh. Speaking of laughing, after our 1 ½ long, disappointing, fo-fo dinner we were off to see Comedian Don Ware. He was SO awesome! Just the type of humor we really enjoy (no swear words or dirty talk). In fact he used to be a writer for BILL COSBY, my all time favorite!

Today’s Forecast: Partly Cloudy High 66 and low 49

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