Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too much fun for a Sunday night

Sunday night we had our friends Jereme and Melodi over for dinner to give them keys and go over house stuff for the trip. After dinner Kenny and Jereme went out to the desert to 'play' They were doing E-brake turns and having a total blast so they called us girls to come out and meet them.

We did and had some fun. I took this video.
Then Kenny wanted to try "one more time" to get to 40 before pulling the emergency brake... well that is when we popped the tire of the rim. Ooops. No biggie the guys went to work putting the spare on. While they had the car jacked up I got really cold and decided to get in the car for warmth... wrong idea the car fell off the jack! Luckily the spare was on enough to catch the car from falling to the ground and no one got hurt. Once they got the share on we realized it was too flat. So the guys took it back off (I stood clear this time) and we ran up to the gas station to fill it with air. Good times!

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