Sunday, November 28, 2010

DAY 5- At Sea… still

Today was Barb’s b-day so we started the day with a little celebration and of course breakfast at the buffet!

After breakfast we decided to try out the Line Dancing lessons. It was fun, but really crowded and since we were in the back of the class we kept dancing with the tables so we checked out a little early.

Kenny and I ran off to Ukulele class and then to the formal dinning room for lunch. After lunch Sarah and I went to the Lei making class. We got to use real Orchids which were a treat.  Since it was the last class of the day there were tons of flowers left over so we made one for Barb too. We plan on leaving them at Pearl Harbor when we visit.

Next we went to the Piazza for our daily desserts and just sat and enjoyed our beautiful surroundings.

Then it was time for some Sunday football by the pool and a swim. It was kind of surreal swimming in this amazing pool and watching football on a giant screen above us!

We ended the night with another great show by Joshua Seth. Barb got chosen to participate. He had 3 envelopes, one of which contained a $100 bill and basically the trick was that he could play mind games and make you pick the empty envelopes. Somehow it worked out and he kept his $100 bill!

Today’s Forecast- Mostly cloudy, change of passing showers, High 77 low 64

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