Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pinch Hitters

Today we were pinch hitters for Michelle and Trevor so they could go on a date! They celebrated a friend's b-day and watched their family friend in a play at ASU. When Michelle asked us I was excited, but also TERRIFIED! 3 kids under the age of 2... should be a cake-walk for a couple with NO kids (insert heavy sarcasm here)! I worried about it for the entire 2 weeks before the day came. It's not like we have never babysat, but we have never been outnumbered! 

Kenny and I had a big lunch (so we would have lots of energy for the kids) at Famous Daves before and got TWO iced teas from QT for Kenny, in preparation.  Luckily Michelle has some instructions written out for us (which we did have to refer back to a few times!), the babies favorite foods set aside and her phone by her side in case we needed her. There was a big crying fit from Zack when Michelle and Trevor left, but other than that there were NO tears (not even from us)!! 

We kept the kids on their schedules, played and relaxed.
 I tried to take turns holding the twins because they are just so sweet and I wanted to, however they would have been perfectly content crawling around playing by themselves. 
Matt is a wonderful cuddler and fell asleep in my arms-- ahhh nothing better! 

Emma is hilarious! She is the littlest of the bunch and makes little monster growling noises.  I tried to get video, but it didn't work out.
 Kenny said she will probably being the one scaring her brothers some day even though she is the smallest, sweetest little thing ever! She also does this gymnastic move where she "stands" on her head... this was the best picture I could get of it. 

Zack is a high energy kid and I was worried about entertaining him for 7 hours, but turns out he entertained us! 

We reviewed with his word cards, played "name that relative" with any pictures we could find and just hung out. He listened very well when he was told no and was just a good kid. We asked him frequently if he needed to use the potty (as instructed), however he told us "no" all day. By the end of the day Kenny and I would ask him for fun, because we though it was SO cute how he said "no" with his little Canadian accent. This isn't the best video, but maybe you can hear it. 

Kenny was able to watch the cardinals game and Zack sat with him for most of the game and cheered and screamed "happy!" (which I believe is hockey... heck I wasn't going to correct him that it was football!). He also let Kenny watch the Suns game and never complained. (I am not sure our nephews would be so understanding about the TV being on sports that much of the day... ) We had him say all of the players names. Its kinda like the telephone game... you say one thing and it come out totally different, but to be fair most of the names are hard! 

So 10 diapers changes, 4 bottles, 3 children and 7 hours later we survived! I am glad Michelle and Trevor enjoyed their time away and maybe they won't have to wait a year for another night out! 

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