Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 4- At Sea- Rum, Rum in your Tum Tum

Today we changed time zones again so we got an extra hour of sleep today and we still slept in late! We haven’t made it to the dining room yet for breakfast (maybe tomorrow we will try) so we headed off to the buffet with Sarah and Barb for breakfast. It seems like every time we go to the buffet I end up getting ½ plate of bacon (that is for you Jerry Sr!! ha ha). After breakfast we went to a lecture on Pearl Harbor. It was pretty interesting and I am looking forward to seeing the memorial on Tuesday.

After the lecture Kenny and I were pretty much on our own for the day while Sarah and Barb hung out at the pool. The weather has finally changed and it is nice to be outside, the pools are open and you can enjoy the breeze. Kenny and I went to Ukulele class again. Kenny did really well today and I think we are going to look for our own Ukulele in Hawaii as our souvenir (because I am not paying the $130 they want for one here on the ship!) It is a lot of fun playing a new instrument and when you can finally get the notes down enough to play a song or two it is exciting. We played Amazing Grace and Down on the Boardwalk today. For lunch Kenny and I had the special Italian food buffet they had set up on the pool deck by our room. After lunch we watched an ice carving demonstration which was awesome. They carved out a horse and a swan before our eyes!

Next Kenny and I went walking to find something fun to do and ended up watching a comedian, Alfred Carr on the “streets” of the Piazza Deck and enjoying our daily dessert for the International Café (we will pay for that later I am sure…)

We enjoyed a tropical rum tasting which was actually really a lot of fun.

We learned all about how Rum is made, the different kinds, qualities etc and then got to sample 4 of them. We liked the banana and the Bacardi Superior and even ordered a bottle to take home! That really isn’t like us, but I pretty much don’t like ANY alcohol so when I find something I actually like I have to try to remember what it is! They made several mixed drinks and raffled them off, but we didn’t win, so I bought a mojito for Kenny to try. It was actually pretty good too.

We also signed up for Adventure Ducks which is a photography challenge. Basically they give you a little rubber duck and you take 3 pictures of this duck on his adventures in Hawaii and you have to tell a story to go with the pictures and next Thursday they will show the pictures on the big screen and people will vote for their favorites. The team with the best pictures/story get a free night at Sabatini’s on board which charges a $25 cover (remember the food is all inclusive haha). It would be a really fun experience to eat there since they serve a 17 course meal!!

We started our enchanting evening with a Movie under the Stars. We watched the A team with a cool breeze, listening to the sound of water sloshing in the pool from the sway of the ship.

After the movie we went to “Do we have a deal?” which is the ships rendition of Deal or No Deal.

One of my favorite games to play (don’t really like the show). Kenny and I signed up and he got chosen to go up! He was one of the HOT, brief case models and didn’t end up getting to play to win, but still had fun participating.

We ended the night watching Joshua Seth, a Hypnotist…. I am not sure what to think of the whole hypnotizing thing, but the show was hilarious! Here are some clips-

Today’s Forecast – Mostly Cloudy High 69 Low 60

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