Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 1- Eager

First day of vacation and we are up at 2:45AM! Makes sense, right? We really wanted to get on the road and make sure we left time for car trouble, traffic or anything else that might go wrong! We made excellent time and gained an hour going over to California and got to our port about 10 AM! We were all amazed by the sheer size of the Golden Princess Ship! Here are some stats on the ship:

Built 2001* gross tonnage 109,000* net tonnage 71,763* length 951 feet* breadth 118 feet* 2649 tons fuel capacity* 2731 tons fresh water capacity* 2600 passenger capacity* 1150 crew capacity* cruising speed 22.5 knots* 
I think it is too funny how much larger Kenny's suitcase is than mine... he says it is because his clothes are bigger... lol 

 Getting ready to board the ship!! 

We ended up boarding WAY early and being the FIRST group on the boat! We spent the extra time exploring the ship and ended up doing a fun scavenger hunt which gave us a chance to win $1000 in prizes! We ran all over the ship ooowing and ahing at everything and jumping around like little kids. The ship is more beautiful than I expected and there are so many things to see!

We didn’t win anything, but ended up getting a sampling of the massages the Lotus Spa had to offer! It was really nice, but we probably won’t be going back for $129 massage!

After our emergency drill we were ready to take off! They had a Bon Voyage party on our deck which was really fun.

They even did some hula dancing lessons that Barb participated in. It was freezing so I didn’t try it (plus I am a giant chicken!)
For dinner Kenny and I went to the buffet because we were so dang exhausted (Barb and Sarah turned in early). The food was pretty good.  And pretty too!
So far we really like everything! We like the food a little too much… since we have already tried out 3 restaurants and only been here ½ a day! We broke down and bought the $59 unlimited soda card… we are just going to share it. Our room is great and I think will be plenty of room for us. I know a lot of people think not having a window is a big deal, but Kenny and I really don't care at all. In fact he sleeps better without the window light coming in. I did notice a small odor and asked for some air freshener… they guy brought us ice… we couldn’t quite figure that out…

There are so many people here from other countries! I have never heard so many accents in the same place before! Another trend on this cruise is most of the guests are over 60…

The turbulence (not sure if that is the right term) has been really bad today, but so far the Bonine has kept up with the sea sickness and I have been fine. We are still getting our ‘sea legs’ which is pretty funny to watch I am sure…

Today’s forecast: Mostly cloudy- high 64 F Low 58 F


  1. Sounds like you are having a fun cruise. Yeah, I think most of the cruises have a majority of people over 60, ours did too. There is a lot of good food. Have you been to the shows? They are always fun. I can't wait till you come back so I can see pictures. Have fun you guys!