Friday, July 20, 2012

The Brush Bar

One of the other students at our glass blowing glass told me about this place. I looked it up and started talking with my buddies about it. We finally narrowed down a class that would work for everyone (and a painting we liked) and booked our class. Kenny, Becky, Donna and I were the only ones who could make it, but we are a fun little group. Those ladies are so much fun. We never run out of interesting things to talk about and we always laugh a lot. Becky suggested Z'tejas for dinner and since the rest of us had never been there we excited to try something new. She even made the dinner reservation! Its SO nice not to have to plan everything :) I have to admit I didn't love the food (or the prices) but it was fun to try something different. 

The Brush Bar is basically a studio that also happens to serve alcohol. Gia was our instructor (she might be the owner as well) and she was such a blast!! 

All of our supplies were laid out and ready for us when we arrived and we just had to get our 5 squirts of paint and we were ready to get started. We were first introduced to our paint brushes and learned all the technical terms for them... big brush, medium brush, round brush, square brush and baby brush : ) Then she told us about our water cup.... to pick it up, feel the difference.... so you don't accidentally put your brushes in your wine or drink you rinse water : ) My bottle of water was safe from dipping !

 We jammed to great music and seriously followed her instructions:
Becky working hard 

Donna- I swear the women can smell cameras... 

We sang along (the entire room did too which made it more fun and hilarious) to the songs, chatted and painted away:
My Painting on the left, Gia;s painting on the right 

A row of paintings - I just loved seeing how different yet similar they all came out

Kenny, Me, Becky and Donna 

This was SUCH a fun night! I don't think Kenny was as enthused about it as I was, but he (as always) was a good sport and let me be over the top excited. I am happy my friends were willing to try something new (they all want to go back again). It is a little pricing at $40 per person so I don't know how often we will get to go, but I know we will be back!!

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