Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tempe Paintball

My brother has been bugging me for months to go paintballing again... Last time it hurt... so I wasn't too excited to go back. Plus its expensive and Kenny didn't really want to go either... Blair and Allan wanted  give it a try... and our new POGO passes we bought included FREE admission, rental and 100 paintballs 12 times... so basically I ran out of excuses! lol 
Me, Blair, Beth, Allan, Kenny and Brian 

I was pretty much dreading going... I mean I was excited to see my friends and spend time with them... I just wasn't in the market for any welts... 

This was Kenny, Blair and Allan's first time paint balling and Brian and my 2nd time... Beth is a pro! 

We suited up and got our guns assigned and loaded... and headed into the indoor court. 

Our first game was boys against girls. The girls WON!! Not from any help from me!! Blair shot my brother in the neck and the butt!! lol  I was expecting that Blair wouldn't like it... sort of banking on it so I wouldn't have to come back again... WRONG! She LOVED it!! She was so pumped and couldn't wait to go back out. Allan was super stoked about it too, and Brian already loved it. Kenny wasn't near as excited as them, but he he really like it too... just great lol

Blair and Beth 

Blair, Me and Beth 
Brian, Kenny, Me, Beth, Blair and Allan 
Blair's welts... they were way worse in person! 
We played several rounds, some regular games where if you are shot, you are out and some games of 'dodge ball' where if you get hit you have to tag up at base then you are back in. I mostly just hide behind the barrels closest to base! 

Somehow I escaped without any welts! I did get his in the shoulder once, but it just slightly bruised... Plus I got hit in the face, head and hand which didn't hurt at all. Beth got a couple good hits. Kenny got hit several times in the neck, upper chest and back. Brian, Blair and Allan were covered in welts and bruises. Brian and Allan even had some that broke the skin - ouch ouch ouch ! 

The last game we distributed what was left of everyones ammo to fill up the guns for one more round and I took the chance to take pictures : )

Allan ...... Brian and Blair 
Blair got out 

Brian got out... and shot in the butt! 
Switch sides, go again 




It was a fun time and I am glad we could all get together. 

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