Saturday, July 21, 2012


Saturday morning Brian and Kenny went out golfing. They used a Groupon for Adobe Dam Family Golf Center. Its a nine hole course which is perfect for the summer since you can complete it before it gets too hot. They didn't really like the course, but they did get some excitement when they saw this SNAKE! They also saw tons of gophers. After their round of golf they went out for hotwings at lunch. 

Around 10 AM I picked my mom and the boys up and we did some school clothes shopping for the boys. They are so cute and excited for school and picking out new clothes. I remember I always loved back to school shopping too. Little Brian declared the day as the best day of his life while trying on some shorts lol. 

After shopping we went to the 'moodies' to see Ice Age. The boys each got their own bag of popcorn (with our popcorn shirts) and their own soda. Its the little things in life right? I can't say the shooting in CO didn't cross my mind when we went into the theater, but I figured Ice Age would be safe. The boys were SO good  and such a joy to be around. Love them kids! 

That afternoon Kenny and I went to Yoga and then headed out to Buckeye to have dinner at Barb's house with her and her friend, Laurie. As we were driving 'out of town' toward Buckeye we spotted the Haboob headed that way. These pictures really don't do it justice because they are just with my cell phone, but I do just LOVE weather!! 

The storm hit while we were eating dinner. It was strange as the brown wall crept into her yard and then hit the house and filled the air with dust... After dinner we drove out to Scottsdale and on the way we were treated to a little rain and even more beautiful weather.

We went to the Speak Easy in Old Scottsdale. Its a little club inside a restaurant. We ended up sitting at one of the very front tables... I hate sitting there because they always pick on you... And sure enough they did. One comic from Utah tagged us as the 'Mormon Table' which is ironic in itself and then later he asked about marriage and made a joke that the four of us (Barb, Laurie, Kenny and I) were all married... it was pretty funny to me because I watch that show, Sister Wives. Finally he let us tell him that Kenny and I were married... we were the longest married couple in the club... wow when did that happen- almost 10 years for us! 
The comics we really great and we called it a night after that. We were going to join Laurie and Barb at Graham Central Station to see the battle of the bands, but it was getting late and we didn't want to pay the $7 cover charge. It was such a great day!! 

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