Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden AKA Jungle Update (week 19? )

So this is what my garden currently looks like : 

These are the sweet potatoes... well this is their section but both vines are invading their space....

These are my Mexican Shellflowers I ordered online:

The Sunflowers are still sticking around

Here is one of the 4 watermelon I have growing:
 Two more:
 One more hiding under there:

One of the Four Watermelons were damaged so I chopped it open just to see what was going on inside there:

The Cantaloupe vines are growing out of control, but they are beautiful and I love all the green so I just let them go.. I think the birds are responsible for my lack of cantaloupe... I think they are stealing the buds... the took every last one of the buds off the lemon tree too... I might need to make a scare crow : ) 

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