Friday, July 6, 2012

Jump Street

After work and Yoga Kenny and I stopped at Jersey Mike's for Subs and then met my brother up at Jump Street, our new favorite place to spend and evening. Its really great especially in the summer!!

We all hit the big jumping area first and Brian and started off with some flips! As an aside here, let me just tell you after 90 mins of HOT YOGA jumping on a trampoline is no easy task! I flipped and didn't turn enough... I fell straight down on my head/neck. Mid-flip I knew something was wrong since I was seeing just the ceiling... You should have seen my brother and Kenny's faces when I looked up after I landed. I got up and they both were glad I wasn't more hurt (me too!!)

The boys and I stayed in the big jumping area while Brian and Kenny went off to play dodge ball. Jacob has started doing all kinds of flips, somersaults, cart wheels etc by watching the adults and other kids. Little Brian on the other hand wont try at all. He says he just can't try. So I tried to get him to other tricks like jumping and bouncing on his knees or butt. He was having fun trying, but then somehow bounced and hurt his back... he was crying and the Jump Street attendant came over to investigate. Then they called a medic over and proceeded to fill out an indecent form...  It was embarrassing. Finally he decided he was going to live and went back to jumping. They gave him a toy and a bottle of water. That was frustrating, because Jacob couldn't understand why he didn't get anything when he got hurt.... Little Brian was really sweet and gave Jacob the ball and shared his water with Jacob and his dad.

We wondered over to see how the men were doing at Dodgeball. They had split out the little kids and Adults into two separate games. Jacob and Little Brian decided to play with the Little Kids. Jacob was by far the smallest kid playing and I was worried he would get hurt or not understand the game... he picked up everything from watching, no one had ever specifically told him the rules and he did great! The first ball hit him in the butt and he run off the course. I was sort of expecting tears, but he just excitedly told me how he was out cause they got him in the butt! Little Brian got hit pretty hard a few times too, once in the chest and once in the back and he never cried or got upset! I was so proud of both of them. The funniest thing was when the ball was coming at Jacob and he jumped up and the ball went through hit legs! He was so cute and started telling me all about it through the glass.

It was a fun, exhausting night!!

**Sorry no pictures, because I came straight from work so I couldn't grab my camera**

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