Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day!!

Kenny, Brian the boys and I wanted to go to jump street today, but when we got there they were closed!! BOO (I think Brian was the most disappointed of everyone, but Little Brian was pretty sad too) So we tried to find some place to eat lunch instead. Since Samurai Sams and Chipotle were both closed we went to Firehouse Subs... it was okay, but expensive. 

We went to Walmart to get supplies for the 4th of July firework show and I bought the boys a toys of their choice. Jacob chose an activity book for preschoolers and a Angry Bird sticker book. Little Brian chose a 98 piece lego set. He was SO proud of himself that he put the whole things together by himself (and I was proud of him too!). 

The rain today was SO wonderful!! It cooled things off so much and made the day just that much more enjoyable. We rode our bikes over to my parents house for dinner : ) 
Yes my basket is filled with Omaha Steak burgers and Polish hot dogs 

My brother grilled all meat and my mom made a ton of sides! Everything was delicious. 

Jacob and Little Brian 

Dad, Mom, Brian, Jacob, Kenny, Little Brian and Me 


My parents stayed home, but the rest of us went to Surprise Lakes Park to watch the fireworks with my buddy Blair and her family. I made tons of treats from pinterest for us to chow down on.

I used marshmallows for these kabobs instead of bananas, but you could also use chunks of angel food cake or pound cake. Yummo 

Kenny, Brian and silly Jacob waiting for the fireworks to start 
Watermelon Eating Contest!

Me, Little Brian, Brian, Hannah, Matt, Allan and Blair holding Mason

Winner! Even holding a baby Blair still won!! Allan and Little Brian were right behind her!

Little Brian 

Jacob, Little Brian and their dad watching the fireworks 

Today was an awesome day, with amazing weather, fun, laughter, friends and family. I am thankful to live in a country where we can celebrate the way we want and have the freedoms we do!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love all of the stuff you made from Pinterest! :)