Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer FUN, FUN, FUN

Saturday morning Brian and Kenny went to see a movie and the boys, my mom and I hung out. We made tie dye shirts! My friend, Becky has been helping her daughter clean out he old kids stuff and passing down lots of fun stuff to the boys. They LOVE it! Its like Christmas in the summer for them. The tie dye kit was in the last box of goodies we inherited and I got the shirts at Wal-mart for $3.50! 
My mom helping Jacob with his shirt 

Little Brian making his shirt 

Little Brian and Jacob with their finished shirts! 

After we made our shirt we settled in and ordered the movie, Big Miracle. My mom and I really enjoyed it and the boys like it too although they chatted through a lot of the movie...

When the guys got back it was time for our watermelon carving!! Last week Jacob and I saw this watermelon shark on Rachel Ray and we just had to make it since Wal-mart had watermelons for $2! Kenny started the project, but then Brian and I sort of took over the carving. I made the little one and my brother made the bigger one.

Saturday night Kenny and I went to see the Beach Boys 50th anniversary concert!! I like the Beach Boys, but Kenny is really the fan. The concert was held at the new Grand Canyon University Arena. It is just beautiful in there! Its a smaller venue which gives the concert a closer feel. I really liked it.The Beach Boy songs are so great and even though I didn't know all of the music they played it was all pretty upbeat and didn't have a single swear word in it.

Being that this was a 50th anniversary Tour the crowd was generally older and we were among the youngest couples in the group. A gentlemen asked why we were there and I replied, "My husband is an old soul" 

Me and my hubby 

Sunday we spent most of the day relaxing and getting things done around the house. I went to see Magic Mike with my mom. It was an okay movie, but neither one of us will go out and buy it when the DVD comes out. We enjoyed snacking on a HUGE bucket of caramel corn popcorn (until it does mysteriously dumped onto the ground... lol) and sipping our giant sodas. 

Monday, Kenny and I took PTO so we could use our POGO passes and go to the water park since this will be my brother's last Monday off! 



Hope my brother doesn't kill me for including this picture, but its just so funny!! 


This was my first time to Big Surf and I understand where the name came from now! I grew up going to water world with their mild, little wave pool... We were swimming out by the 5 foot mark when the rumble started and I saw the giant wave erupt! I was sure I was going to drown, but Kenny stayed right by my side and of course we made it just fine! I guess you can actually take surfing lessons in the pool there! That should have tipped me off that these are huge waves!!

Brian and Kenny racing down the twisty slide! Brian always wins... how??? 

Brian coming down the 'boring slide' according to him 


ugh this ride.... I went on the black slide first and it freaked me out a little bit... I didn't want to go down the middle one.. even chicken out and stepped off the ride! My brother and Kenny (who had no problem doing it) harassed me into going. It wasn't exactly straight down, but enough for your stomach to end up in your chest!! I ended up going twice just to prove... I don't know just to please them! LOL

Going down the boring slide, which I really liked! 

We stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream on the way back to complete our awesome PTO day and the summer fun, fun, fun weekend!

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