Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glass Blowing FOR REAL

The 3rd time IS the charm! 
Tonight we FINALLY got to BLOW GLASS 

Kenny and I bought amazon deals for glass blowing last year. We went to the class in February with Jereme and Melodi... we didn't get to blow glass OR use colored class as the deal described. I wrote a letter and complained. The owner was very responsive and we arranged a repeat class to make ornaments (where you can actually blow glass and use color). Jereme and Melodi couldn't make it so we were going to take Beverly and Lloyd.

We arrived at the studio and there was another class going on! After much discussion we discovered he had scheduled us for the wrong night! I was super upset because it is always hard to get all our schedules to align and the night was a bust! Lloyd and Beverly are super easy going and weren't upset at all.

The next morning I found my e-mails confirming he had the wrong date. After confirming the was the error was on his part he offered us the class for Kenny and I and 2 of our friends FREE (a $200 value!). We asked Beverly and Lloyd, but they had a graduation to attend so we asked Jackie and Kris to go with us.

We have never been on a double date with them and were really excited they were available! We had dinner at The Original Hamburger per Kris' recommendation and it was delicious. It is a lot like the Chuck Box in Tempe and they have mutual ownership. 

When we arrived at the Studio the owner was in the front room. He gave me a strange look and pretended we were there on the wrong night... I said, "Really? Again?" And he laughed and said, "No, I am just messing with you! We have you 4 all signed up!"  
Kris and Jackie 
The class was pretty neat. With the help of the 2 instructions we pulled a blob of glass from the furnace, dipped the blob of clear into a tray with the color of your choice, jam the blob with color into another furnace to heat it up and then bring it to the table where your partner is waiting to blow in the tube... Yes many, many jokes were made here...
At that point your partner blows into the tube. You have to blow a lot harder than you think to get the bubble started! Once the bubble is started you softly breathe/blow into the ornament to get it to the size you need. 

Me and Kenny 
 They added a little loop of glass so you can hang the ornament and wahla its done! They put it in a special oven that cools the glass down slowly so that it won't crack.

I can finally cross this off my bucket list! Woot Woot! 

We all had a fun night and want to go back for more classes. 

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