Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Krissy's 8th grade promotion

Tonight we went to Krissy's 8th grade graduation/ promotion. 

Brian and Jacob
Krissy did the pledge of allegiance because she was the 8th grade president 

Jacob, Kenny and Little Brian

The boys were SO excited to give their sister their flowers and cards.

Little Brian, Krissy and Jacob

Little Brian, Krissy, Brian and Jacob

Little Kenny, Me, Krissy, Brian, Krissy's dad and step mom (and child) and Little Brian and Jacob

Jacob and Uncle Kenny 

Brian and Krissy 

We didn't get much time with Krissy, but it was nice to see her and she was thrilled we all came. Little Brian was so cute when we got in the car he said, "That was a great night!" So cute and not what I expected after hours of sitting on bleachers, waiting, watching and more waiting in the heat... but to him seeing his sister was worth all that. Such a sweet boy!

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