Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stress with a capital S

This week was STRESSFUL!  

Not only did I have to travel to CA for most of the week for work, but it was also the one year anniversary of my grandma's passing and my first piano recital... 

My work trip went without a hitch and I visited 8 agent office and attending the UVIS trade show. I got home on Thursday night. While I was gone Kenny had Truly Nolan come to the house for our initial visit. That was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Seriously after I knew all those black widows were on the outside of the house I couldn't sleep without worrying about them! When I did sleep I would have spider dreams!! 

Saturday morning Kenny, me and Brian attending the Foam fest at MacDonald Ranch in Scottsdale. 

It was seriously a HUGE disappointment! They advertised huge mud pits, lots of bubbles, a human car wash and more... it was lacking ALL water and FOAM!! Even the water stops were out of water and we ran in the second heat!! The obstacles were kind of fun, but we had to wait over 30 mins to do them! We skipped some just because we didn't want to wait anymore. It was very hot out and we were so thirsty by the time we finished the 5K race!! They did have an awesome mud pit... at the very end of the race, but it had a huge line like all the other obstacles. We didn't feel like getting all muddy just to wait in line for the shower before we could get back in our car. 
That afternoon was my very first piano recital... strange thing to say for a 29 year old! 

I wasn't the only adult beginner. Jackie has another student (her niece) Becca that is about 25 years old and started the same time I did (about 2 summers ago). 
Jackie had an idea for the 3 of us (Jackie, Becca and I)  to do a trio for the recital. She picked The Green Eyed Monster. 
Becca and I also chose our own songs to play for a solo as well. I choose Bella's Lullaby that I had been working on since about February. 

Despite all our efforts our trio was pretty much a disaster. We even had to stop in the middle and start again... I asked Kenny and my brother what they thought and they said they could tell we messed up... oh well. 

Despite my nerves (you could visibly see my hands shaking according to my brother), I made it through my solo with only one glaring error! I was so proud of myself for following through. I am thankful for the BEST piano teacher ever, Jackie is encouraging, understanding and has given me confidence to do things I didn't think I could.

I didn't invite anyone to come... except Kenny to drive me lol. I was SO nervous to perform I just didn't want the added pressure of friends, coworkers and family there as well. My brother came and brought Jacob and I didn't realize until the day came and went how much that meant to me. I asked my brother why he wanted to come (because I thought he just wanted to tease me) and his response surprise me. He said, 'Isn't that just what we do?' I really, really missed my grandma not being there. I KNOW she would have come no matter what, even if she had to drag her oxygen tank with her.

My 'class'

Jackie and me
Becca, Jackie and Me 

After the recital I put my PJs on and Kenny and I were going to order some pizza. I just wanted to relax and be over the horribly stressful week. My mom called right then and said they were going out for Mexican food... well I can never pass on family time so Kenny and I went.

can't remember why Jacob was making that face but it was cute 

Little Brian eating Lemons 

Jacob staring down Uncle Kenny 

Little Brian and my brother 

My mom, Jacob and my Dad 

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