Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Introduction

Like all kids, the boys love to bang on my piano. I let them. It honestly doesn't bother me at all. Little Brian will sit and play 'songs' for me and they actually sound like songs! I think he has a musical ear and if not he at least has an interest in piano. Kenny, Brian and I talked about it and we took the plunge this week and are getting started him lessons. He will join me this summer on Tuesday nights to take lessons from my teacher, Jackie Fry.

This morning I was texting my mom and mentioned that I was excited about Little B's first lesson. She said he was excited too. I was shocked he even remembered!. 
My brother brought him up to the office to meet me at 4PM and we drove across town together. At first he seemed a little shy to be alone with me, but once I told him I had a new game (fruit ninja) on my phone the awkwardness was gone.

Jackie did an amazing job with him for his first lesson. He was very curious about her house and wanted to look around everywhere... I wasn't sure but this seems a little odd, but she didn't care. He was very impressed by her wall of instruments. She let him pick one out, took it down and let him touch it while she explained what it was an how it was played. During his lesson whenever he would get distracted or bang on the keys when it wasn't time to she gently got him back on task. When he messed up, she was encouraging. He really did great for his first lesson. She said I am gonna teach you how to count. He said, "I already know how to count" and she said, "Music counting is a little different, let me show you" It was so much fun to witness. He is becoming such a big little boy! 

It will be a team effort to keep him in piano... between getting him to his lessons, paying for it, keeping him up his practices it will be a lot of work for all of us adults, BUT what a sweet reward if he continues with this and learns to play!!

After I dropped him off and was about to leave he ran up and gave me the biggest, tightest hug ever. It was so dang sweet. 

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