Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Update- Week 9

Look! The Corn has tassels! 

And the corn silk is peeking through! 

The tassels later in the week 

You can see the whole ear of corn now! 

Cantaloupe continues to grow...

The Sunflowers I planted sprouted midweek

 Green Beans... still nothing

Sunflowers Later in the week
 green onions

I got a few plants from a woman on freecycle this week. This one is called a Moon Plant....
 I saw it before when we were hiking in Fossil Creek! Those crazy spiky balls are really something I have never seen before. I thought it was a weed when I saw it on our hike. Turns out it is deadly poisonous and also known as Devils Weed... yikes! I had to get rid of it! 

I planted my cactus garden this week too: 

Kenny got me this awesome bee for my garden : ) He said every garden needs bees so he had to get it : )

Here is a random picture of my vicious dogs playing ball after watering the garden.  

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