Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Weekend

It seems like all of our plans for this weekend fell through... I was supposed to take a class at Scrapbooks Etc with my friend, but she had to work and I didn't want to go by myself so I canceled that.

I made a new plan to go to the Crop Girls Yardsale in the AM and then meet up with some friends in the afternoon at the lake.... well I got to the store on Saturday morning it was closed! Turns out the sale was LAST weekend... GRRR.

Since I had some time in the morning I thought I might be able to save my garden the dogs had dug up... NOPE there was no saving it... plus we discovered that the dogs had moved the AC unit... seriously I don't know how they did that!!

I did drive out to Metro Center to meet my mom and grandma for lunch. It was really nice because I haven't seen my grandma in a week and hadn't talked to my mom for a few weeks. My grandma is so cute! The reason she wanted to go to Olive Garden is because of the commercial out where the daughter and granddaughter take the grandma there when she comes to town visit them.

Then there must have been some miscommunication between our friends about the time to go out because we never heard from them and then got a picture text of them at the lake... boo hoo. Kenny and I decided to go to a movie instead.( I really wasn't feeling good anyway).We saw Paul and it was pretty cute, but I can't understand why all movies have to add dirty jokes, swear words and sack-religious comments to make them funny.

Sunday Kenny graciously slept in and skipped church so me and my mom could have some girl time ; ) Church was great and we hadn't been in so long we both agreed we missed it more than we knew. We went to Village Inn for some lunch and pie and brought the guys home some pie too. I enjoyed it and hope we can keep working on our relationship because life is to short to stay mad!

When I got home Kenny had done yard work and cleaned the house! Amazing! I absolutely LOVE to walk into a clean house that I didn't clean. He spoils me you know! Kenny loves movies so I thought we should go do something fun and see another movie, he of course was right on board ! We saw Limitless. I thought it was really good and was surprised by the ending. Kenny thought it was good, but slow at times.

We had a relaxing afternoon, Kenny watching the Suns and I working on my cards for the Creative Quest monthly swap. 

Then we went out for dinner... Olive Garden. Kenny had been craving it since I got to go Saturday. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the amazing weather (it won't last you know!) and the food was good as always!

We got home and let the dogs in... wait let me tell you this first : before Hope had her near death experience and we got rid of all the dog toys, Hope would always grab a toy from her toy basket when we first let them in and would run all around the house with excitement.... Well when we let them in the house tonight she found a little heart pillow that Kenny had got me for Valentine's Day and promptly chewed it up... She sure was happy about it too...


  1. I am glad that things are getting better between you and your mom. Family stuff can sure get complicated!

  2. Sounds like you turned those lemons into lemonade. It warms my heart to hear that you and your mom had time together, what I wouldn't give to have lunch with my mom. :o)