Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Song

I haven't been very diligent in my Piano 'studies' but I am muddling through the Adult Beginners Piano book. We don't have a set number of pages we cover each week and it is not uncommon for me to repeat a song or two for more than one week (since I hardly ever practice). This is why I thought it is so awesome that I ended up on Jingle Bells right near Christmas and the Happy Birthday song near my birthday. I have made the boys bath time my time to practice since the rooms are near each other. This week I was practicing Happy Birthday and Little Brian yelled from the bathroom, "Whatcha playin?" I said, "I bet you know this song, even if I don't tell you the name...." When he got out of the bath and got dressed he came and stood next to me at the keyboard. I asked if he wanted to sing the song and he said yes. I played and he sang! It was SO cute and fulfilling for me! The first song I could play pretty well and it was recognizable to a 6 year old! When I hesitated on a few notes he would wait in his singing until I caught up. I SO wish I had got a video of it, but the moment had passed and he was on to something else by the time I thought of it. 

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