Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Study, Study, Study, Die

First I need to explain the title. When Kenny and I were dating I came across a planner of his and being the nosy person I am I flipped through it... the only entry for the entire school year was one that said, "study, study, study, die" I laughed so hard. I don't know why that was so funny, but we still laugh about it today. Kenny didn't really like school....

I have seriously never failed a test until these CPCU exams. They are master level college exams.... and they are self study. I have passed 7 of them, but cannot seem to get this last one down! I have taken it 3 times before and failed. This was Kenny's first CPCU (he has never failed any before).

This weekend was to be devoted entirely to preparing for our exams and we even took Monday off to seal the deal. Study, Study, Study , die ...

Friday night Barb took us out to a nice dinner at Rio Mirage Mexican food so we wouldn't have to waste time cooking.

Saturday evening the Ross family came over for a welcomed break!

We aren't certain but Matt may have taken his first steps in our living room... we were all looking at Zack and talking when it happened but Michelle swears he did... I choose to believe her because that would be awesome. :)
I seriously have not been able to take a good picture of Zack lately... this is the face he gave when I asked him to smile... 
Sunday we did go to the Suns game to watch them lose, but then it was back to studying...  

By Monday night I was SOOO sick of these cards: 

On Tuesday morning we went out to leave for the test and found this basket! It was filled with healthy breakfast foods like muffins, fruit, juice and more! PLUS there was a letter from Michelle to us and from Nanette cheering us on. 
Everyone was so sure this time I would pass... people were encouraging us on FB and via text messages. I was sure too. I was getting 90% on the practice exams. I thought it was in the bag, so when I clicked the grade button and : NON-PASS
I was shocked.

The last time I took this test my grandpa had just died so needless to say I had a lot on my plate. This time we registered for our tests and a few days later my brother and his boys moved in.... Anyway I could make a lot of excused on why we didn't pass... bud we didn't ...boo. Now I get to spend $400 on the retake- yippee : ( 

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  1. What a bummer you didn't pass. Just think, you will pass next time & know your stuff even better from studying longer:)