Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The week long event of my b-day : )

The b-day celebrations begun with a surprise package at work from my grandma! (I am terrible, terrible because I forgot to call her right away and she was worried it wasn't delivered to me!) 

awesome huh? 
Thursday Becky, Candace, Jeff and Donna took me to lunch at Thee Pitts Again which is pretty much 'our place'. If we were a sitcom that booth would be our 'orange couch' or 'booth at the bar downstairs'. We had a great lunch filled with laughter and ended it with a deep fried twinkie! 
Friday when I got to work I got some fun gifts. I especially love this bag my friend made for my Bible! It couldn't have come at a better time since I have been bringing it back and fourth to work and that is partially what made me fall on the stairs since my hands were so full. 

one of my awesome war wounds...
Amanda G and Carol took me to Paradise bakery for a sandwich and a cookie. Kenny and I went for Mexican food at our old favorite Rio El Mirage on Friday night. It was so good! We used to go there ALL the time, but haven't been in a long time. I spend the rest of the evening studying for my upcoming test. (The boys and Brian weren't home because they had gone to visit Crystal). 

Saturday morning we got up early to meet Jereme and Melodi for paint balling in Casa Grande.  Kenny wasn't very excited about paintballing and actually didn't even want to do it, so he gave up his ticket to my brother. I thought that was super nice of him to do and I know my brother enjoyed it! We suited up and played a few 'practice' rounds which basically consisted of my brother and I against Jereme! My brother got shot in the back shoulder and colar bone right away... ouch! I got a giant welt on my thigh and shot in the head (thank goodness for the mask!) Jereme beat us once and we beat him once. 

Me and Brian (think we need to do over GUN SAFETY?? )
the playing field... I thought it would be A LOT more colorful!! 
Me... where Jereme shot me in the head
Brian with his war wound... it was pretty bad! 
After we had played a few games (each game is only 5-10 mins long) we were preparing for another game when my brother got kicked out! It was super frustrating and in retrospect I understand, but still don't agree. They have a strict policy on the face masks... if you take it off you are done for the day... well Brian lifted it to adjust his glasses and they kicked him out! I was livid!! To keep this G rates lets just say I didn't handle myself well... 

Jereme and I continued playing and ended up having some fun even though I was really mad and frustrated at the situation. We won some games and lost some games... we shot people and people shot us! I ended up playing one game mostly by myself since the teammates were shot almost immediately and it was me verse 2 adults and 2 kids... They cornered me and got me pretty good... I got two large welts
Jereme got a mouthful of paint (I think it is actually soap) 
We had a lot of extra paintballs since my brother couldn't play and they guys were nice enough to let Kenny, Little B and Jacob shoot them in their 'shooting range' 
Little B
Little B
After paintball Kenny and I went to the Scrap Happy Sisters Yardsale! Its no scrapbooks etc sale, but I found some treasures anyway! Something about a bargain on something you love... We also, did a little shopping, picked up my FREE dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and had lunch at my favorite place; Chipotle! 

I had bugged Kenny (and all my friends) since Thursday to tell me what was going on... none of them would budge but I was certain there was going to be a party that evening so I was in a big rush to get home and take a shower. They did a good job of hiding all the cars because I looked! Plus a few of my friends came up with creative stories to fool me (Jackie at Fry's with KJ, Blair working, Bev at the taste of Glendale, Brian taking the boys to their mom's house etc) but when I opened the door there stood many of my friends and a family to surprise me!! (Michelle, Trevor, Zack, Matt, Emma, Blair, Allan (and Hailey), Donna, Jeff and Sabrina, Brian, Little B and Jacob, Jereme and Melodi (and Jackie showed up later.)

Allan, Jeff, Donna yelling surprise to me : )
It was a busy, crazy houseful and I just loved it! You won't believe this but I only took ONE picture at the party!! I got a few others from Melodi and Michelle thank goodness!! 

Kenny holding Emma (of course) 
Mr. Jacob
Brian encouraging Matt to walk!

Jeff, Blair, Allan and Michelle holding baby Hailey

no idea what was so funny to me...
Sabrina and Jeff
Emma, Mel and Matt
Me getting help to open my gifts which I love because I don't like being the center of attention
They did a great job with the decorations and Kenny ordered me a butterfinger ice cream cake (he loves me) -- yummo!! 

Brian, Kenny and me

Later Michelle and Trevor took all the kids to spend the night at their house! We played dictionary and talked till about midnight : ) 

My birthday didn't end there! Monday morning I came in to these awesome decorations! Probably the prettiest cubicle decorating ever! 

Plus I got taken out to lunch to On the Border with Beverly, Jereme and Donna and I kept getting gifts until Wednesday... the birthday that just keeps on going : ) 

OHHH and did I mention baby EMMA who was born on our anniversary took her FIRST STEPS on my 28th Birthday! How awesome is that??? 

Thanks to all my friends and family who showed my I was important to you in some way (cards, e-mails, lunches, texts, FB messages, gifts, decorations, planning a party or just saying Happy Birthday) you blessed me! 

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