Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fixin' it up

Today my youngest (my youngest being Shelby our 5 year old black lab) and I took off to the mountains. 
Shelby and Kenny 
 She seems to favor me and cooler weather.  Last September we went on a “family” camping trip.  It consisted of the two of us, Brian and his crew, their dog, and our three dogs.  To make a long story short AMANDA backed up and drove over the trailer that was attached to her truck.  The passenger rear tire was parked on the tongue of the trailer.  Needless to say the trailer was bent.  

So Shelby and I drove up to bend the trailer back enough so it can be towed again.  After a couple of hours of using sledge hammers we were on our way home. 

We stopped for gas when we reached Phoenix.  I figured Amanda would just drive over the trailer so it wouldn’t hurt to let Shelby drive.

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