Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another day

Today was the anniversary of my grandpa's death. I never know how to help with people's grief some people want acknowledgment to remember and some people just want to forget and not think of it. My grandma had a busy day at the doctors (my brother took her) so I hope she didn't have to have too sad of a day. 

After work I went to the Creative Quest's 10 card extravaganza. You get to make as many cards as you want for just $1 each and they have 10 different samples to choose from. I made 6 in the 30 mins I had before piano. I so enjoy making cute quick cards! 

I got home late and Brian and the boys had waited for me to go to dinner so we could use up our McDonalds coupons. The boys of coursed loved playing and my brother and I sat and talked. It was actually really awesome. Kenny was in Vegas or he would have went with us too. 

We took Blair the bag of clothes I got her from freecycle and visited with her. I so love Blair! Today was her first day back to work after having Hailey and she had a really long 12 hour day where she almost lost a few patients.... and still she put on a smile, made us feel welcome and talked with my brother and me while the kids ran amuck in her house playing with her son Matthew. 

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